Wagon Drill JRD-120 (TOP HAMMER)

Wagon Drill JRD-120 with Top Hammer Bull Drifter capable of drilling hole range from DIA48 to DIA 89mm used in open cast mines and underground for tunnel works etc…for drilling and blasting purposes. The Drill is mounted on rugged box frame, fitted on wheels for easy shifting from hole to hole can drill holes from vertical to horizontal. The drill is fitted with TOP Hammer Bull Drifter, 4.5 H.P. Feed unit, 6 H.P. Self propulsion Units. The Rig is supplied with high pressure Hoses, Control Valves and Air Line Lubricator.

Top Hammer (Drifter)

Bull Drifter is a powerful & Robust Pneumatic Top-Hammer ideally suited for mechanized drilling applications such as Bench drilling, Grout-hole drilling, Long-hole production drilling, Ditching or Trenching work. Bull Drifter is capable of drilling holes between DIA 48mm to DIA 89mm (1.89” to 3.50”) with the use of R32 (1¼”) / R38mm (1½”) extension drill rods.
The Top Hammer Drifter drilling is used for above the ground applications as well as underground applications where water flushing is used. The drill features a large piston with simple rifle bar rotation which is reversible and can also be disengaged so that only the impact mechanism operates.

Special Features :

  • Stable drilling capabilities
  • Structurals designed for extra rigidity
  • Base frame in box – construction
  • Anchoring arrangement ensures perfect stability during drilling
  • Rear wheel swivelable by 90o to prevent movement during toe hole drilling
  • Effectively braked wheels with telescopic adjustable stabilizers in the front, holding the unit firmly
  • Locking arrangement between mast and boom provides extra rigidit
  • Easy maneuverability – both in manual and self propulsion modes
  • Centralized sensitive controls with Auto feed arrangement ensure easy operation and reduction of operators fatigue

Special Features Top Hammer Bull Drifter :
120mm Piston – Delivering a very powerful impact of over 7kW
Reversible Rotation – Rifle bar based Rotation mechanism that is
reversible & can also be disengaged
Separate Connections – for Drilling, Rotation Reversal and flushing
Threaded Retainer – with lock spring to keep chuck securely in place
High Performance & Low Maintenance with easily replaceable wear parts


Mode of Drilling Top Hammer
Hole Diameter 48mm ~ 89mm ( 1⅞” ~ 3½”)
Max. Drilling Depth Depends on Holes Size and Drilling Conditions
Extension Rod (Dia) R32 / R38 ( 1¼” / 1½”)
Extensions Rod Length 3mtrs. (10ft) (optional 2 mtrs (6ft))
Top Hammer Bull Drifter
Piston Diameter 120 mm
Piston Stroke 65 mm
Impact Rate 35 Hz
Impact Power 7.2 KW
RPM Range 0 – 180
Chuck for Drill Steel 38.1 mm
Weight (Drifter alone) 70 Kg (154 Lbs)
Length (Drifter alone) 780 mm
Feed Unit
4 Cylinder Piston type Air Motor with spur cum worm drive Gearbox
BHP 4.5
Type of Feed Chain feed
Pull Down Force 0~2200 kgf
Pull Up Force 0~2200 kgf
Pull Up & Pull Down Speed 0~ 15 mtrs./min
Air Compressor (Recommended)
Free Air Delivery 14.2 ~ 17 m3/min (500 ~ 600 cfm)
Working Pressure 7.03 kg/cm2 (100 psi)