Skid Mounted Drilling Rig Model JRD-100

SKID Mounted Drilling Rig Model JRD-100 :

Special Heavy Duty SKID Mounted Drilling Rig for drilling Angular holes from 20 degree horizontal to Vertical to a depth of 30mtrs specially used for drilling Grout holes for Strengthening of Foundation. The Mast is capable of handling 76mm dia ODX1.5mtrs (5ft) Drill Pipe fitted with 4.5H.P Rotation unit & 4.5H.P feed unit. The Mast is raised & lower by Hydraulic Cylinder operated by direction control valve & Double lock Check Valve.

Special Features :

  • Stable Drilling capabilities
  • Structural designed for extra rigidity
  • Anchoring arrangement ensures perfect stability during drilling
  • Centralized sensitive controls with auto feed arrangement ensure easy operation and reduction of operation fatigue
  • Rotation and winch units modified to provide additional power for faster drilling and rapid withdrawals, longer tool life etc…
  • Rigid Output Shaft (Rotation Unit) with extra bearing support and thicker thread profile
  • Specially designed fluid seals for Output Shaft Rotation unit to prevent air leakages



Mode of Drilling Down the Hole Air Hammer
Hole Diameter 90mm ~ 115mm (3 ½” ~ 4½”)
Max. Drilling Depth (Vertical) 30 Mtrs. (100 ft)
Drill Pipe Diameter 60mm / 76mm (2” / 3”)
Drill Pipe Length 1.5mtrs (5ft)
Rotary Head
4 Cylinder Piston type Air Motor with spur type Reduction Gearbox
BHP 4.5
RPM 0~50
Max. Torque 1125Nm (10,000
Feed Unit
4 Cylinder Piston type Air Motor with spur cum worm drive Gearbox
BHP 4.5
Type of Feed Chain feed
Pull Down Force 0~2200 kgf
Pull Up Force 0~2200 kgf
Pull Up & Pull Down Speed 0~ 15 mtrs./min