CPLT M12 Light Tower

The CPLT M12 light tower features a simple manual mast, straightforward controls and a pop-up canopy for convenient service access. It’s extremely light and maneuverable, making it easy to move to the desired location.

Whether you need portable light for work sites, night events or emergency response, the CPLT M12 light tower is the answer. This proven design is easy to service, operate and maneuver, delivering a robust and reliable solution for ideal lighting where and when you need it.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple manual mast and straightforward controls
  • Long-lasting, high-efficiency metal halide lamps
  • Wide service doors and a pop-up canopy for maintenance access
  • Kubota diesel engine for reliable performance
  • Durable welded unibody trailer and powder-coated canopy
  • High-capacity fuel tank for 60-70 hours of continuous operation
  • Stabilizing four-point leveling system
  • On-road undercarriage allows towing behind a vehicle
Ideal for construction, mining, and oil and gas industry applications. Also excellent for public lighting, emergencies, sports and other night events.

CP light towers feature metal halide lamp technology, which requires less power, produces more light and offers long life. In addition, they offer heavy-duty construction, easy setup and excellent fuel capacity for extended operation. These compact, trailer-mounted units are easy to transport and maneuver to position ideal lighting where it’s needed.