CD-110 Crawler Drill

JUPITER  Air Crawler  Drill is fully  mechanized  , Self-propelled  drilling  Rig does all the  heavy work for you, incorporating advanced  techniques  and modern methods  of drilling  to  make it most versatile piece of drilling equipment on the market  today. lt trams from Hole to hole  at the touch of a ControlValve,  towing  a  portable  air compressor.The  drill Mast can be quickly positioned for Vertical, angular or Horizontal holes by effortless hydraulic cylinders operation. lt is designed to  handle Drill Pipe 76mm Dia OD 1Oft Long for drilling 3Yz-4Tz”Dia  (90-1  15mm) Dia Hole  by  Down the hole Air Hammer (DTH)  & with  R32-R38  (1y4’& 172″) Dia Steel Rod for Drilling 48mm-89mm Dia  Hole by Top Hammer (Pneumatic  Drifter)

JUPITER Air Motors:

4-Cylinder & 5-Cylinder Radial Piston type Air motors are suitably designed with well balanced and nil vibrations provide smooth operation of Rotary Head, Feed unit, Propelling unit and driving Hydraulic Pump for operation of five Hydraulic Cylinders.

Control Panel:

Centralized sensitive controls pneumatic and Hydraulic with auto-feed arrangement is so arranged to ensure ease of operation which reduces operator fatigue

Track & Traction Drive:

The Ruggedly constructed Track (Crawler) demonstrates effortless manoeuvrability on rough ground. Track oscillation system through hydraulic cylinders is provided allowing the track to flex up on either side thus providing positive ground contact while tramming over rough terrain.
Tramming power is supplied by two Powerful Piston type Air Motors with Self-braking reduction gearbox directly connected to final drive to minimize power loss and ensure drive efficiency. This is enough to tram the CD-110 with its compressor in tow right to the job site.


  • Rugged construction
  • Stable drilling capabilities
  • Heavier, Stronger feed chain
  • Structurals designed for extra rigidity
  • Widest Choice of Down hole drill or Top Hammer
  • Rotation and Winch/ Feed units modified to provide additional power for faster drilling and rapid withdrawals, longer tool life etc. resulting into better productivity.
  • Heavy-duty tow hitch
  • Centralized sensitive controls with Auto feed arrangement ensure easy operation and reduction of operators fatigue
  • Boom is provided with a heavy-duty Lift and Swing cylinders to provide rigidity while drilling
  • Track tensioning arrangement
  • Cast Steel front idle roller
  • Heavy-Duty Radial Piston type Air propelling motors with Self-breaking arrangement
  • Track Oscillation through Hydraulic Cylinders